About Us

You’ve driven a few miles and shopped within a storefront…that we know! You’ve perhaps even found yourself shopping in the trunk of a vehicle. But have you ever shopped an Attic?

Attichop is the new way to shop homes and personal items. Hop from Attic to Attic just shopping the things you love!

Nowadays, spending a lot of money on the things you want is unnecessary. Find deals on electronics, home furnishings, clothing, and other items you use in everyday life right in your neighbors stash of things to toss.

You save abundantly when you purchase preowned from owners right in your area.

Ever purchased a garment or product online and when it came it wasn't precisely the size of style u wanted? Are they folded away in a drawer somewhere with no intent to use them and a futuristic intent to sell or give them away? Attic Hop those items sitting in your attic and make money as you sleep!

As parents, we spend easily about $300 to $500 on text books every single year for our little ones but what if you could cut that cost into a quarter by find the same books available to you from kids who have completed that grade level. Sure they aren't new but they get the job done while keeping cost low!

Babies grow quickly. Most kids grow out of a size per month. What do you do with the clothing they grow out of? Are they in packed and sitting in the attic? Do you plan to drop them off at a friends house and can't get around to it? Let's get those pieces sold shall we?